Netfilter Workshop 2018

I attended the Netfilter workshop in Berlin from 14th to 18th June 2018.¬† It was a small invite only workshop. Overall it was a fun and great learning experience. Through this workshop, I got an opportunity to interact with netfilter community members. It was nice to meet my mentor Pablo Neira Ayuso and past outreachy… Continue reading Netfilter Workshop 2018

Monitoring Ruleset

Nftables has a very helpful command nft monitor, which shows changes to the ruleset in a native nft format, xml or json files. Type nft monitor in a terminal. Now, open another terminal and type the following. Then go back to the first terminal. Any change in the ruleset can be viewed with the help… Continue reading Monitoring Ruleset


Nftables provides filtering and classification of packets. It can be configured using nft userspace command line tool. It replaces iptables, ip6tables, arptables and ebtables. There are different ways to install it. Here we will install through source package. First, you will need to clone the repositories of libmnl and libnftnl, which are netlink¬† userspace libraries.… Continue reading Nftables